Here Are Some Secret Tools To Make Your Writing Journey A Lot Easier…

You don’t need to tell anyone that you used these tools… Let them think that you are just that smart! ðŸ˜‰

Some are free, some have a cost involved, but all of them can help you accomplish your goals…





Notes: Grammarly’s Google Chrome plugin helps catch grammatical errors in nearly everything you write online. The premium plans also offer vocabulary and sentence structure suggestions.

Cost: Free with premium upgrades available at $29.95 per month, $19.98 per month when billed quarterly, $11.66 per month when billed annually. CLICK HERE to Go To Grammarly And Start Using This Helpful Tool.





Pro Writing Aid

Notes: Pro Writing Aid also has a Google Chrome Extension as well as a desktop app you can use with programs like Scrivener, Word, and Google Docs. It catches grammar errors, suggests style changes, and even checks for plagiarism.

Cost: Free with premium upgrades available at $60 per year, $90 per 2 years, $120 per 3 years, or a one-time lifetime subscription fee of $210. CLICK HERE to Visit Pro Writing Aid And Start Using This Helpful Tool.




Notes: Freedom allows you to block apps, social media, email, and whatever websites you choose — and on your own schedule. Used by over 1,000,000 people to reclaim focus and productivity. For Mac, Windows, Android and iOS systems. FREE TRIAL gives you 7 distraction-free blocking sessions on all of your devices. There’s no obligation and no credit card is required.

Cost: $6.99 per month, $2.42 per month with the annual plan, or a one-time charge of $129.00. CLICK HERE to start your FREE trial with no credit card required.   Take charge of your time, reclaim focus and productivity with this program.




Bluehost Web Hosting

Notes: In the near future you will have to start thinking about setting up your own website and making your own brand. It Is Absolutely Necessary That You Create Your Own Website, Your Own BRAND, because without it no one will have access to YOU, and through you, your book! Because here is where you can keep your readers up to date on your triumphs, your tragedies, your small daily victories, your milestones, your stumbling blocks… Whatever personal details you would like to share with them. The more people know about you as an author, the more likely they are going to be interested in your upcoming book and you can keep them up-to-date on your progress, send them free chapters to pique their curiosity, ask them questions about the characters you are working on, let them be a part of your story.

Cost: Starting at $3.95 a month (less than a decent cup of coffee every month!) CLICK HERE to go to our article about setting up your website.



Book Sales Funnel

Notes: In the modern world of book promotion, digital marketing and a solid online presence are vital to success. All authors, regardless of their level of business experience, should be able to manage their online presence, marketing, and sales process. However, juggling all those parts and still delivering your product can be time-consuming and frustrating! 

That’s why Builderall has developed the most complete and easy-to-use digital marketing platform that includes a simple drag-and-drop website builder. With it you can set up your BRAND, a book sales funnel, as well as other possibilities. Your sales funnel will include it’s own shopping cart where people can pay, along with an emailing system where you can keep in touch on a regular basis with your readers.

Cost: $29 a month  with a FREE 7 day trial, NO Credit Card Required! The plan includes the emailing system which would normally cost $19 a month by itself! CLICK HERE to learn more.




Self-Publishing School (Writing, Publishing and Promoting in One Course!)

Notes: Free Workshop: How To Write & Launch Your Book To $10,000 In 90 Days. Self-Publishing School run  by  Chandler  Bolt. The Busy Person’s Guide To Getting It Done In Just 30 Minutes Per Day. CLICK HERE to begin your journey to Writing and Publishing your book!

Cost: FREE Workshop


Freedom Self Publishing

Notes: This course teaches you exactly what you need to know to be successful at selling e-books on Amazon Kindle, and how to start making passive income online!

It has over 40+ videos currently, showing you step by step how to publish a book on Amazon. It includes things such as:

  • How to choose niches that are GUARANTEED to make you money
  • How to pay someone else to write your books for you inexpensively
  • How to get a book cover made for as little as $2.50
  • How to get book reviews
  • How to turn your book into paperback and audiobook editions
  • How to double your profits by turning your Kindle book into a paperback and audiobook
  • Advanced pricing strategies that will massively boost your income
  • How to hire VA’s to run your business so it becomes completely passive
  • How to build a back-end to your business and make extra money selling high-end products

From the creator of this course: “Before you sign up… let me just say that this IS NOT a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

It is a course that teaches you how to create a REAL online business that brings in real passive income.

But, be aware that it will take some work. It’s not a large amount of work, but this course is definitely NOT for excuse makers who aren’t willing to put in the small amount of effort required.

Freedom Self Publishing is for the person who’s serious about changing their life and making some money online.”

So CLICK HERE to get signed up for this course before the price goes up.

Cost: $297 but this price won’t last long! 


5 Steps to Planning & Publishing a Best-Selling Book

Want To Write A Bestseller?

During “5 Steps to Planning & Publishing a Best-Selling Book” webinar, Brian is going to reveal the
exact same formula he’s used on every one of his 80+ books.
He is going to pull back the curtains and show you everything you need to know to turn your
ideas into bestsellers. If you can follow basic instructions, you’ll easily be able to write, edit,
and publish your very own book in 90 days or less.
During the webcast you will learn Brian’s:
? Proven methods for planning every stage of the book-writing process
? Time-tested techniques for outlining bestsellers
? Secrets to choosing the perfect topic
? And much, much more!
When you attend this one-time live event, you will get Brian’s step-by-step blueprint for
success … even if you have zero writing experience.
Plus, for a limited time only, Brian is giving all attendees a surprise Mystery Gift just for
watching! You don’t want to miss this!
Because this is a live webcast, spots are extremely limited. So I encourage you to visit the
site right now to learn more and register for FREE today. CLICK HERE NOW to get signed up for this FREE webinar!





20 Step Author Quickstart Guide

A FREE guide that includes:

? 7 tips to quickly and easily organize your book

? Secret exercises to improve your writing speed

? A simple plan for getting your book into publishers’ hands immediately

CLICK HERE to receive your FREE COPY of this resourceful guide to help you on your way to becoming an author.




C.S. Lakin’s Writing Courses

Notes: Bestselling author of over 20 books, C.S. Lakin will walk you through the steps necessary to make your book the best it can be! Select any of the courses that works best for you at this moment in your writing journey and see how much better you feel about the outcome. CLICK HERE to go to her courses and select one, or more.

Cost: Varies with the course chosen



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